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Exhibitions and auctions with Lilit Gevorgyan
ArtLi gallery at exhibitions in China:
•Guangzhou International Contemporary Art Exhibition, 2019
•Auction at the Guangzhou International Contemporary Art Exhibition, 2019
•Exhibition of International contemporary painting at the National Museum of Qingdao with the support of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, 2019
The exhibition was organized by ArtLi gallery and the Union of Artists of Russia. About 45 artists from the workshop of V.M. Sidorov took part. The exhibition featured works by the master and honored artists of Russia from the MGAKHI named after V.I. Surikov.
The project of the exhibition and competition of Russian-Armenian creativity. People's artists of Russia and students of specialized art universities took part. The exhibition was supported by ArtLi gallery, the Cultural Center of the Armenian Embassy, and the Union of Armenian Women of Russia.
The exhibition and competition were held jointly with ArtLi gallery and the Messianic Jewish Community under the title "A Strong Woman in the Tanakh and in the New Testament." More than 70 Russian and Jewish artists took part. The final exhibition and the award ceremony were held at the Moscow Union of Artists.
The International Art Forum in Xiamen.
The exhibition is in the Central House of Artists.
In Rome with a member of Parliament and chairman of the Union of Artists of Italy. After being awarded as a member of the Union of Artists for achievements as a good artist over the past 200 years.
Photo with Valentin Sidorov, former chairman of the Union of Artists of Russia, my teacher.
After being awarded in the Parliament in Rome for achievements as one of the best artists of the last 200 years. About whom they published a book and awarded a diploma.
At a solo exhibition in Moscow at the BBC and awards from members of the Union of Artists of Russia.
After a solo exhibition at the House of Artists of Russia. Academic awards, recognition, diplomas.
The exhibition in the Kremlin at the Historical Museum.
The only exhibition of a contemporary artist in the last 10 years.
Organization of the ArtLi exhibition and the International organization of Jews at the Moscow House of Artists, exhibition of 70 artists, presentation of diplomas (2019).
Review of ArtLi Gallery creative courses
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